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Village Of Magic

Village Of Magic was a game made for my capstone in my Full Sail bachelors. The project was created over 4 months with a team of 3 people


Village of Magic is an RPG game where you can level up and choose new skills to battle enemies all while trying to save a village from an evil sorcerer.

In this project I worked on many different things as a level designer, system designer, and UI designer. I worked on various things for this project to make it come to life and devoted many hours to make sure the game didn't fall apart. On this project I improved my skill in coding along with learning many team communication skills over the projects lifetime.

My Role on Village Of Magic

System Design

Level Design

UI Design

Level Polish

Game Testing

Game Balancing

Player Feedback

Bug Fixing

Work Summary

Project Overview

This was the first big project we ended up doing at Full Sail and the last project for my bachelors degree. I learned so much from this project and went into its creation very excited, unlike the rest of the bachelors this project was so much more hands on with Unity. I did so much on this project over the 4 months I had to work on it with my team and developed so many skills from this project

Overall a major thing that was taught to me over the course of this project was that games are not static as you work on them. They are malleable and can change dramatically throughout its creation

While creating the game it went through so many different iterations but in the end I can proudly say my team and I delivered a game we were proud of going from beginners to being able to show off what we had learned from our bachelors at Full Sail

Game Trailer

The game trailer for Village of Magic was made towards the end of the games life cycle.

The trailer shows off different levels of the game while also showing off combat, spells, and the final boss!

Level Design

For Village of Magic I created the fireball mechanic and ice spell mechanic but we eventually felt as a team that we needed a better way of teaching and using the spells of the game so we decided to create a level dedicated to the learning, practicing, and mastering of the spells mechanics!

The video is time stamped to show off a play through of the level during its creation

Original Design


Play Through

At Full Sail we would record play through update videos of the game showcasing mechanics and the gameplay/level design

This video is an update I recorded during the process of making the game. In the video I also explain all of our current goals with the game.

The video is not the finalized version of the game and does not have full art implementation but it does have a lot of other things to show off!

Post Mortem

The Post mortem video is narrated by everyone on the team and went over what we learned from the project, what we should have done, and overall how the games direction changed as we developed it.

This being our first ever big project and being relatively new to unity let the project be an incredible learning experience

Play Village of Magic

Try the game here!

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