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Perception: Anomaly

Perception: Anomaly (PA) was made throughout my masters degree with the thought of putting a unique twist on a Resident Evil esc horror game


PA is a survival horror game where you play as a photographer going through the floors of an old abandoned hospital. The unique mechanic of the game is its camera. The player uses the camera for most things in the game (Combat, revealing hidden passages, revealing hidden messages and more). As the player goes through the hospital they soon learn things aren't as they seem and this hospital is anything but abandoned. Flash and fight off creatures from hell as you dive further and further into this mysterious hospital.

My Role on Perception: Anomaly

In this project I worked as the project lead and developer while diving into level design further into the projects lifetime. This project started out for me as a cool concept that would help benefit my ability to code in C# and explore tricks unity has to offer. I took lead of 8 other people over the course of this project and learned a lot about the importance of teamwork, deadlines, and when things go wrong. On top of improving my ability to code in C# I learned many problem solving skills and managed to develop most of the game on my own being a solo developer for the project. I also created all of the games menus and edited audios to use for the game.

Unique Systems and enemies

The Camera

The unique mechanic of the game is the camera and was the first big hurdle of the project. To create the camera for PA I used unity's layer system and used it to create combat, various hidden objects and texts, and unique ways to get around the map and find helpful supplies. Through swapping layers and what the player is able to see we are able to give off the illusion that using the cameras night vision allows us to see into a different dimension and help us through the hospital. As for combat and enemies the camera is used to see the enemies and reveal them to our world with a quick flash but not for long. When enemies are revealed they can be damaged for a few seconds but if they are not killed fast enough they will go back into their dimension where the player is unable to hurt them.

The Ripper

The Ripper is PA's unique boss enemy, when the Ripper sees the player he screams in anger and pursues the player. He hits hard and is very fast so keeping space between you and him is vital to your survival if you are unfortunate enough to run into him.

Game Menus

The games menus aim to create a nervous feeling for the player before letting them through to the actual gameplay through ominous music and a glimpse at the Ripper

Play Perception: Anomaly

Try the game here!

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