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Goobies was made for the week long 2021 Scream Jam with a group of 5 people. Goobies was ranked 28th out of 221 entries with the game really shining with its rating in horror where it got placed 3rd.


Goobies is a survival horror game in the setting of a children's TV show. In this game the player will play through their very own episode of Goobies! This episode focuses on something that all children need to learn at some point, our player will learn to make a friend. But things aren't all fun and games making a friend can be hard! I'm sure if you play the game though you will piece it together.

In this project I worked as a level designer UI designer, and System developer as well as helping come up with the concept of the game. My first task for Goobies was to create the starting area for the player, we came up with the idea that the player would come through a television at the starting area bringing them into the show. My inspiration for level design on this project was live action children's TV shows. In specific a big inspiration for this project was Yo Gabba Gabba! and their characters and sets. Eventually I created an environment for the player to start in with different props that looked like children TV show set pieces. My next step on the project was to create a quest tracker system for the player. To test out the quest tracker I had it connected to some pick ups that I made. After making sure that the player could pick up 3 or so pick ups it would complete its first quest and send the player off to begin "Making a friend". Finally it was time to create a Minimap system for the game for the player to better navigate around our dark TV show. This took a little trial and error to get right but eventually came out really good

My Role on Goobies

Level Design

System Design

Level Polish

Game Testing

Game Balancing

Player Feedback

Bug Fixing

Work Summary

Main Menu

I was responsible for the layout and functionality of the main menu and later on worked with a teammate to bring the main menu to life visually.

Story wise we wanted the player to travel through the screen into an episode of Goobies this can be seen as you click the Play button an animation plays sucking you into the TV allowing you into a special episode of the Goobies!


Starting Area

We wanted the starting area to stand out from the rest of the map but not too much so we ended up using this small area in the center of the map to create a fountain as a POI that you would start the game at and eventually return to escape the episode of Goobies


Questing Tracker

I was responsible for quest tracking for the game through keeping track of the players specific pickups

The questing tracker was used to further the players progression and eventually lead to their escape

The game starts out safe and cute just asking the player to eat some candy, after eating 3 pieces however the episode would take an dark and sinister turn...

The Ritual

After collecting all the body parts the player is finally able to assemble their friend! To do so they take all the parts they have collected to an altar near the fountain at the start of the game. But after assembling their friend its not an easy escape from the episode - the player has to make a mad dash to the television they started at while evading all the Goobies to exit the episode!

Play Goobies

Try the game here!

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