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Two and a Half Squares

Two and a half squares was made over a month with a group of 5 people, it was made for a class during my bachelors at Full Sail where we were supposed to try an re create the game of our choosing and create as many mechanics and systems from them as we could. For this game we chose Blizzard's The Lost Vikings


You play 3 different characters swapping between them to solve puzzles using their unique skills to try and get to the exit of the level

My Role on Two and a Half Squares

In this project I worked as a system designer, enemy AI designer, level designer, and UI designer. In this game I made things like the bomber enemy, an enemy that will mirror the players movements and follow the player from below so the player can guide the bomb to explode a new path open for the player. The ground slam for the green square, an ability that when used allows the player to ground pound and destroy destructible walls with the force of the slam. I made the coin pickups for the player to gain score, and designed a level to show off the hazards of the game while utilizing all 3 characters to try and get to the exit

The bomb

The bomb is an enemy I created that follows the players movements! when it enters lava it explodes, this can also explode certain walls

The Ground Pound

I created an ability called the ground pound for the green viking brick. using this ability while in the air would slam the player down destroying any floors in its path


To create an obstacle for the game I decided to create lava that would kill the player if touched. For just learning scripting this felt really good to pull off


Play Two and a Half Squares

Try the game here!

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