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Date of The Dead

Date of the dead was a project made during my masters at Full Sail, it was made with a group of 7 people including myself


Date of The Dead is a dating sim game where you play as one of the last survivors of the zombie apocalypse trying to escape an office building. You have to find the key card to the elevator to escape but there is one problem... Zombies! You have to walk around the office and find out which zombie has the key card by talking to each of them but watch out because they look hungry...

My Role on Date of The Dead

In this project I worked as a system designer, UI designer, Script Writer, and technical designer. Through use of a dialog system package from the unity asset store I was able to implement it into our game and begin writing scripts for each of the characters in Date of The Dead. I used the package to create things like dialog triggers, environmental interaction, and an item pickup system for interacting with the characters.

In this project I also created the games menus, icons, and learned many teamwork skills across the projects lifetime. Most of all though this project taught me extreme time management, while working on this project I also had many things to do for my class in Full Sail that really pushed me to manage my time to its fullest if I wanted to get everything done and do well in the class as well. Most of this project felt like extreme crunch that I handled by dividing my time properly to get everything done on time and up to standards.

Dialog Trees

I was responsible for writing the dialog of the game for the characters. I tried to make each zombie unique with different personalities. From each zombie the player wants to gain a specific resource from them so they have to sweet talk their way to the zombie so they can progress and not be eaten.

Along with writing the dialogs I also implemented them into Unity for each zombie


The Player has to talk to the zombies to escape the office they are trapped in. The elevator needs a key card to win the game so the player has to talk to each zombie and find out who has the keycard

The game utilizes a unity package to create a dialog between two sources. For this game I programmed it to create a dialog for the player and the zombies around the map.

Each zombie is different and owns a different item the player can receive from them. The player is also able to use different items they find around the map to change their dialog between them and the zombie! Giving a zombie the item that they want most makes them happier and a lot more willing to give you what you want

Once the player receives the key card they can finally open up the elevator and leave the office winning the game!


Environment Interaction

As the player runs around the office they will interact with the map giving more life to the character separating them more from the zombies they find themselves trapped with!

The environment around the player will also play noises making the environment feel more alive

The player has multiple lines of dialog they react to the environment with!


Play Date of The Dead

Try the game here!

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