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Scraps was a game in progress we had to make levels for during the beginning of my Bachelors at Full Sail


A level design project designed to help us get acquainted with Unity

I made a level where I tried to utilize my knowledge of breadcrumbs to guide the player to their goal

This was my first ever level design project and it was a test of what I had been being taught at Full Sail

My Role on Scraps

Level Design

Work Summary

Level Design

This is the original design for the level

The player has to find the key to the door but the key is too dirty to go into the lock. The player has to clean the key go and go through the door to the second room. In the next room they find the treasure they came for but to leave the building they have to blow up a wall using dynamite. Sadly the dynamite they find is wet so they have to dry it off using a bursted pipe blowing out hot air!

This level design was a way for me to show off practicing and mastering a mechanic!

Level Walkthrough

For this I worked with a team where we each made individual levels and then linked them together creating a team project.

This video shows the walk through of the level I created for this project

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