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Spirals was made during my bachelors at Full Sail University over the course of one month where the game was rapidly developed and balanced. It was made with a team of 3 people


Spirals is a turn based RPG game where you can draft the heroes in your party for ones of different rarities through portals called Spirals. The further you go in the game the more progressively harder it becomes, further encouraging the drafting mechanic of the game. In this project I was responsible for Movement, Menu's, sounds, Enemy interaction, and assisted in the development of combat

My Role on Spirals

This was one of the earliest projects I worked on with my time at Full Sail during my game design bachelors. The first step for me was to get the player moving in this game which although an easy task at the time I was not very comfortable with unity or coding in C#. Although I may not have been comfortable yet this project helped me learn about a lot of the basics of unity. As well as the players movement I also made it so our player could enter combat through use of triggers and assisted in the development of our turn based combat. When creating this game I was also responsible for asset creation and the games menus and audio.

Spirals GDD

Play Spirals

Try the game here!

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